Volume 12,2019

Issue 4 [8 articles]

Mkrtchyan A.H., Aramyan A.R., Aramyan R.A., Hovhannesyan G.B. and Harutyunyan G.A. Discharge Quenching by Acoustic Waves.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 4, pp. 283-288.

Vora Aditya M. and Gandhi A.L. Phonon Dynamics of Bulk Metallic Glass Using Takeno-Goda Approach.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 4, pp. 289-294.

Abdi F. and Savaloni H. Corrosion Inhibition of AISI304 Stainless Steel by Graphen Oxide Coating.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 4, pp. 295-303.

Alexanian M. Quantum Rabi Oscillations in Coherent and Squeezed Coherent States Via One- and Two-Photon Transitions.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 4, pp. 304-315.

Harutyunyan V.V., Aleksanyan E.M., Baghdasaryan V.C., Kostanyan P.B., Bondarenko G., Kirm M. and Vielhauer S. Investigation of Luminescence Processes in YAG Single Crystals Irradiated by 50 MEV Electron Beam.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 4, pp. 316-324.

Aroutiounian V.M. and Hovhannisyan A. Semiconductor Gas Sensors Using Arduino Nano.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 4, pp. 325-328.

Sargsyan H.G. Induced Cosmological Constant In 2-Brane Models With a Compact Dimension.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 4, pp. 329-343.

Danglyan I.M., Kazaryan E.M. and Hayrapetyan D.B. Electronic and Transport Properties of Boron Nitride Nanodevice.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 4, pp. 344-348.