Volume 71, 2018

Issue 4

Editorial, Board Խմբագրական կոլեգիա.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4

Editorial, Board Grafical abstracts.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 457-463

Hovhannisyan, A. A. and Iretskii, A. V. and Kurtikyan, T. S. SIX-Coordinate complexes of nitrosyl iron-porphyrins with trans DMSO ligand.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 464-472

Zakaryan, M. K. and Niazyan, O. M. and Aydinyan, S. V. and Kharatyan, S. L. DTA/TG study of Nio reduction by Mg+C combined reducer.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 473-485

Manucharova, L. A. and Bakhtchadjian, R. A. and Tavadyan, L. A. Photocatalyic oxidation of chlorinated phenylalkanes with dioxygen.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 486-494

Dolukhanyan, S. K. and Aleksanyan, A. G. and Muradyan, G.N. and Shekhtman, V. Sh. and Ter. Galstyan, O. P. and Hakobyan, H. G. and Aghajanyan, N. N. and Mnatsakanyan, N. L. Hydrides of transition metals and their alloys as condensed hydrogen carriers.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 495-516

Terzyan, A. M. and Melikyan, S. A. and Beglaryan, H. A. and Isahakyan, A. R. and Zulumyan, N. H. Barium silicates formation using silica hydrogel produced from serpentine minerals.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 517-523

Tonoyan, A. O. and Davtyan, S. P. Advantages of the method of frontal polymerization in high technologies.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 524-532

Paronikyan, E. G. and Dashyan, Sh. Sh. and Minasyan, N. S. and Akopyan, A. G. and Stepanyan, H. M. Synthesis and biological activity of new derivatives of pyrano [3-4-c][1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]pyridines.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 533-540

Mardiyan, Z. Z. and Mkrtchyan, A. F. and Saghyan, A. S. Synthesis of new achiral bis-alkylated glycine analogs.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 541-550

Topuzyan, V. O. and Ghazoyan, V. M. and Hovhannisyan, G. Sh. and Hovhannisyan, A. A. Evaluation of the dehydrating properties of some sililating agents in the synthesis of imidazole-5-one.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 551-558

Iradyan, M. A. and Iradyan, N. S. and Hambardzumyan, A. A. and Panosyan, H. A and Roussakis, C. and Sakanyan, V. A. Synthesis of furfuryl derivatives of 4-allyl-1-(4-hydroxy-3-nitrobenzyl)-3-[2-(4-alkoxyphenyl)quinolin-4-YL]-4,5-dihydro-1H-1,2,4-triazol-5-thions and their cytotoxic action on human cancer cells.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 559-570

Danghyan, Yu. M. and Sargsyan, T. H. and Jamgaryan, S. M. and Sargsyan, A. S. and Gyulumyan, E. A. and Hovhannisyan, N. A. and Hovhannisyan, A. M. and Tsaturyan, A. H. and Panosyan, H. A and Saghyan, A. S. Targeted synthesis of 9- fluorenylmethyloxycarbonylglycyl-(S)-β-[4-Allyl-3-Propyl-5-Thioxo-1,2,4-Triazol-1-YL]-α-alanine and study of its effect on collagenase activity.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 571-578

Harutyunyan, A. A. Syntheses and biological properties of benzo[4',5'] imidazo[2',1': 6,1]pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidines: mini-review.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 579-588

Ovakimyan, M. Zh. and Gasparyan, G. Ts. and Bichakhchyan, A. S. and Poghosyan, A. S. and Derdzyan, L. V. The peculiarities of the interaction of a series of β,γ-unsaturated phosphonium salts and dehydrobromination of the obtained dibromo derivatives.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 589-595

Markosyan, A. I. and Hakopyan, Kh. S. and Ayvazyan, A. S. and Mamyan, S. S. and Ayvazyan, A. G. and Tamazyan, R. A. and Arsenyan, F. H. and Avakimyan, J. A. Synthesis and antitumor properties of 3-(2,2-dimethyltetrahydro-2H-pyran-4-yl)spiro[benzo[h] quinazoline-5,1'-cycloheptan]-4(6H)-ones.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 596-608

Hobosyan, N. G. and Balyan, K. V. and Nersisyan, H. S. and Ghalechyan, L. M. and Hovakimyan, S. A. and Sargsyan, H. B. and Chobanyan, Zh. A. On the interaction of propagyl malonate with nucleophiles in the presence of mercury (II) acetate.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 609-613

Hakobyan, E. K. Synthesis of new amino derivatives of 9-(methyl-thio)thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidine and azide-tetrazole equilibrium.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 614-624

Dadayan, S.A and Stepanyan, L. A. and Dadayan, A. S. and Gasoyan, M. B. and Petrosyan, H. R. and Poghosyan, A. S. and Tsaturyan, A. O. Round-leaved wintegreen (Pyrola Rotundifolia) as a valuable medicinal plant raw material.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 625-633

Harutyunyan, A. A. and Panosyan, H. A and Ghukasyan, G. T. and Danagulyan, G. G. New three-dimensional heterocyclic cluster. Bis-benzo[4′,5′]imidazo[2′,1′: 6,1]pyrido [2,3-d]pyrimidines, symmetrically linked by a triarylmethane linker.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 634-637

Editorial, Board Annual index of authors.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 638-641

Editorial, Board Правила для авторов.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 642-646

Editorial, Board Contents.
Volume 71, (2018) Issue 4, pp. 647-652