Volume 2,2009

Issue 2 [3 research articles and 1 Ph.D. Thesis]

Samko, N., Samko, S. and Vakulov, B. Fractional integrals and hypersingular integrals in variable order Holder spaces on homogeneous spaces.
Volume 2 (2009) Issue 2, pp. 38-64.

Samit, Kumar Majumder and Sujit, Kumar Sardar On properties of fuzzy ideals in po-semigroup.
Volume 2 (2009) Issue 2, pp. 65-72.

Grigorian, S. A. and Khorkova, T. A. On $w$-extensions of the abelian semigroups.
Volume 2 (2009) Issue 2, pp. 73-76.

Gogyan, S. (2009) Nonlinear approximation in L^1[0,1] with respect to the Haar system (in Russian). PhD thesis, Institute of Mathematics.
Volume 2 (2009) Issue 2, 83 pages.