Volume 3,2010

Issue 2 [3 research articles]

Samko, N., Samko, S. and Vakulov, B. Weighted Sobolev theorem in Lebesgue spaces with variable exponent: corrigendum.
Volume 3 (2010), Issue 2, pp. 92-97.

Wu, Chuanxi, Tian, Daping, Li and Guanghan Forced Flow by Powers of the $\emph{m}^{\th}$ Mean Curvature.
Volume 3 (2010), Issue 2,pp. 61-91.

Ghazaryan, Hayk and Margaryan, Vachagan On interior regularity of solutions of a class of almost-hypoelliptic
Volume 3 (2010), Issue 2, pp. 32-60.