Volume 7, 2015

Issue 1 [5 research articles, 1 Ph. D. Thesis]

Kolman Oren A Note on Omitting Types in Propositional Logic.
Volume 7, (2015), Issue 1, pp. 1-5.

Guo Shunzi Operator $\Box^{r}$ on a submanifold of Riemannian manifold and its applications.
Volume 7, (2015), Issue 1, pp. 6-31.

Arakelyan Avetik A Finite Difference Method for Two-Phase Parabolic Obstacle-like Problem.
Volume 7, (2015), Issue 1, pp. 32-49.

Kuznetsova A. Yu. and Patrin Ye. V. On the structure of $C^*$-algebra generated by a family of partial isometries and multipliers.
Volume 7, (2015), Issue 1, pp. 50-58.

Gasparyan Samvel and Kutoyants Yury On Approximation of the BSDE with Unknown Volatility in Forward Equation.
Volume 7, (2015), Issue 1, pp. 59-79.

Poghosyan Lusine Asymptotic Estimates for Quasi-Periodic Type Interpolations.
PhD thesis, Institute of Mathematics. National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.