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Publishing your paper in ‘Armenian Journal of mathematics - Open Access’ is quick, easy and efficient. You will be guided through the submission process step by step and can interrupt this at any time and carry on where you left off.

As a registered user you will be able to manage your items, up to the point of submitting them for Editorial Review. If the review is successful your item will be deposited in the repository, if it is unsuccessful it will be returned to you with editorial comments.

  1. Submission System

    1. Visit
    2. You need to register in order to be able to deposit items in the Armen.J.Math. repository. If you are a first time submitter, press on the “Register” button.
    3. Please complete the details on the registration page, and press the “Register” button.
    4. Now you can start depositing process.
    5. Press on the ‘New Item’ button.
    6. Select corresponding “Section”, check Submission Requirements (you must read and acknowledge that you've completed the Submission Requirements before proceeding) then you should “Acknowledge the copyright statement” and press the “Save and Continue” button.
    7. Upload your paper, and go to the next step.
    8. Provide with the details of your paper, as suggested in the “Enter Metadata” form.
    9. Now you can press “Finish Submission” button to submit your paper.

  2. Paper preparation.Word processing formats
  3. Click here to download a sample article.

    Research papers appearing in ArmJMath should be submitted only in English LaTeX + corresponding DVI and PDF formats. Figures (if necessary) should be prepared in the EPS or BMP-format. Authors must provide "key words" and the "AMS subject classification 2000”.

     The  volume of the paper is not limited but it must be well founded.
    By submitting a paper to this journal, the author certifies that the results have not been previously published.
    Matters published  in the ArmJMath may be used by the author(s) in other publications with corresponding references.
    If desired, you can represent in any form (cover-letter, attachment, etc.) a list of persons who could appear as a reviewer of your paper. The editorial board will be grateful to you, but does not guarantee the selection of a potential reviewer from this list.

  4. Copyright Information

  5. Articles published in the ArmJMath are being copyrighted under a Creative Commons Attribution License