Volume 10,2017

Issue 1 [10 articles]

Yeranyan N., Petrosyan S.G., Musayelyan A., Arutiunyan L. and Avdjyan K. Investigation of the Impact of the Selenization Temperature on Parameters of CIS Thin Films.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 1, pp. 1-8

Julfayan H. G., Makaryan A.H. and Tadevosyan V.R. Investigation of Detection of Microwave Radiation in Ferromagnetic YIG.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 1, pp. 9-13

Khachatrian A.Zh. Dependence of the Transmission and Reflection Bands of an Oblique Incident Electromagnetic Wave on the Parameters of One Dimensional Periodic Structure.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 1, pp. 14-22

Margaryan A., Annand J., Ajvazyan R., Elbakyan H., Gevorgian L., Montgomery R. and Zhamkochyan S. Single Photon THz Timer.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 1, pp. 23-29

Sahakyan Kh. and Nerkararyan Kh.V Numerical Analysis of Light Non-Resonant Transmission Through a Sub-Wavelength Slit at Angular Incidence.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 1, pp. 30-35

Ivanyan M., Grigoryan A., Zakaryan S. V. and Tsakanian A. Impedance and Wake of Two-Layer Metallic Flat Structure.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 1, pp. 36-41

Torosyan M.A. Simple Method for Determining the Thermodynamic Parameters of Ligand with Nucleic Acids Interaction.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 1, pp. 42-48

Odsuren M., Katō K., Khuukhenkhuu G. and Davaa S. Two-Body Resonances In The Complex Scaled Orthogonal Condition Model.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 1, pp. 49-55

Baghramyan V.V., Sargsyan A.A., Sargsyan A.S., Knyayan N.B., Harutyunyan V.V., Aleksanyan E.M., Grigoryan N.E. and Badalyan A.H. Optical Properties and Radiation Resistance of Zirconium Silicate Obtained by Microwave Method.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 1, pp. 56-63

Kryuchkyan G.Yu., Karayan H.S., Chibukhchyan A.G. and Shahinyan A.R. The Impact of the Pulse Phase Eviation on Probability of the Fock States Considering the Dissipation.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 1, pp. 64-68