Volume 10,2017

Issue 2 [2 articles]

Harutyunyan V.V., Aleksanyan E.M., Grigoryan N.E., Sahakyan A.A., Yeritsyan G.N., Nikoghosyan S.K., Hovannisyan A.S., and Badalyan A.H. Luminescence and Dielectric Properties of Electron and Neutron Irradiated Corundum Single Crystals.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 2, pp. 69-75.

Abrahamyan A.S., Chilingaryan R. Yu., Sahakyan Q.G., Hovhannisyan H.T. and Hakobyan M.A. Modulation of Pressure, Density and Temperature in Acoustoplasma Discharge.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 2, pp. 76-80.