Volume 10,2017

Issue 3 [7 articles]

Grigoryan A.Kh. Casimir-Polder potential for parallel metallic plates in background of a conical defect.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 81-91.

Poghosyan H. Super stable cycles and magnetization plateau for spin-1 Ising model on diamond-like decorated Bethe lattice.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 92-98.

Vardanyan A.O., Melikyan S.R., Movsesyan K.A., Oganesyan D.L. Chakhoyan E.V. Laser Profilometer with Micron Spatial Resolution.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 99-103.

Muradyan T.R. Diffraction of Modulated X-Ray Beams from Quartz Crystal at the Presence of Temperature Gradient.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 104-107.

Toneyan H. Experimental Techniques of Spectral Compression of Femtosecond Radiation.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 108-111.

Saharyan N.A. Casimir densities outside a constant curvature spherical bubble.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 112-121.

Aroutiounian V.M., Arakelyan V.M., Aleksanyan M.S., Sayunts A.G., Shahnazaryan G.E., Vrnata M., Fitl P., Viček J., Gharajyan K.S. Kasparyan H.S. Sensor for Detection of Chemical Agents Made of Co-Doped SnO2.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 122-127.