Volume 10,2017

Issue 4 [11 articles]

Matevosyan H.H., Sargsyan K.A. and Haroyan H.F. Stopping power and the straggling parameter of a heavy charged particle moving through a homogeneous free-electron gas.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 4, pp. 128-143.

Grigoryan A.P. Spectral self-compression of randomly modulated pulses.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 4, pp. 144-147.

Mkrtchyan A.H., Grigoryan L.Sh, Khachatryan H.F., Bilen S.G., Parrot M., Sargsyan A.V. and Aramyan A.R. Shock wave induced MHz radiation of atmosphere.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 4, pp. 148-153.

Vardanyan V. Fermionic modes in locally anti-de Sitter spacetime with a compact subspace.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 4, pp. 154-162.

Petrosyan V.H. Interaction of the 5 MeV electron beam with the matter in the AREAL photoelectron gun facility experimental hall.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 4, pp. 163-170.

Nersisyan H. The FRLW-FRLW metric combination as an attractor solution in bigravity.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 4, pp. 171-184.

Grigoryan A.P., Hakobyan M.R. and Hakobyan R.S. Femtosecond Pulse Shaping With Spatial–Light Modulator Based On Twist Nematic With Homeotropic Boundary Conditions.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 4, pp. 185-191.

Toneyan H., Manoukyan K., Sukiasyan M., Kutuzyan A. and Mouradian L. Spectral Characteristics of Nonlinear-Dispersive Similariton Generated in Single-Mode Fiber without Gain.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 4, pp. 192-198.

Yeranyan N. The Influence of the Precursor’s Deposition Order on the Properties of CZTSe Thin Films.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 4, pp. 199-205.

Hakobyan A. The isotherm of hybridization for the DNA field-effect transistor in presence of monovalent charged ligands.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 4, pp. 206-211.

Ishkhanyan T.A., Manukyan V.A., Harutyunyan A.H. and Ishkhanyan A.M. Confluent hypergeometric expansions of the solutions of the double-confluent Heun equation.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 4, pp. 212-223.