Volume 12,2019

Issue 3 [8 articles]

Editorial Board The Problems of Modern Condensed Matter Physic.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 3, pp. 224-225.

Benecha E. M., Rahmonov I. R., Shukrinov Yu. M, Botha A. E. and Ananikian N. Modeling of dc SQUIDs With Topologically Nontrivial Barriers.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 3, pp.226-232.

Rahmonov I. R., Zemlyanaya E. V., Bashashin M. V., Atanasova P., Rahmonova A. R. and Shukrinov Yu. M. Numerical Study of Josephson Nanostructures Using Parallel Computing.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 3, pp.233-239.

Efetov K.B. Thermodynamic Quantum Time-Space Crystal: Spontaneous Breaking of Time-Translation Invariance.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 3, pp.240-247.

Avetisyan A. A. and Djotyan A. P. Impurity States in Gated Graphene Bilayer in a Magnetic Field.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 3, pp.248-253.

Arian Zad, H., Zoshki A. and Ananikian, N. Magnetic Properties of the Octanuclear Nickel Phosphonate-Based Cage.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 3, pp.254-260.

Abgaryan V., Ananikian N., Ananikyan L. and Poghosyan H. Magnetic Properties and Entanglement of Nickel Containing Polymer.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 3, pp.261-272.

Mkrtchyan M., Butaeva T. I., Eganyan A. and Ovanesyan K. Absorption and Emitting Properties of GGG:Ce Single Crystals in the Range of 4f ↔ 5d Transitions of Ce3+ Ions.
Volume 12 (2019), Issue 3, pp.273-282.