Volume 8,2015

Issue 4 [6 articles]

Khachatrian A. Zh., Voskanyan D.R. and Soghomanyan A.I. Evolution of Wave Packets Constructed Based on the Scattering Wave Functions for One-Dimensional Potential.
Volume 8 (2015), Issue 4, pp. 152-165.

Muradyan T.R., GogolevA.S., Aghabekyan V.N., Khlopuzyan S.H., Movsisyan A.E. and Kocharyan V.R. Hard X–ray Filter with Controllable Parameters.
Volume 8 (2015), Issue 4, pp. 166-169.

Al-Sammarraie Anwer A., Sharrad F.I. and Kassim, Hasan Abu Nuclear Structure for 24Mg within sd-Shell Model Space Hamiltonians.
Volume 8 (2015), Issue 4, pp. 170-179.

Hakhoumian A.A. and Sivolenko E.R. Pedestrian Micro-Doppler Signature Disclosure as a Carrier Suppressed Amplitude Modulated Signal Detection.
Volume 8 (2015), Issue 4, pp. 180-184.

Shah Ishfaq Ahmad, Abbas Tahir Ullah Zaka, Hassan Najum ul, Rauf Abdur, Ullah Kaleem and Naseem Shahzad Sintering Effects on Structural and Magnetic Behaviours of NdFeB Magnets.
Volume 8 (2015), Issue 4, pp. 185-190.

ABRAHAMYAN A.S. and CHILINGARYAN R. Yu. Control of the Spectral Lines Intensity of Plasma Radiation in Visible Range by Acoustic Fields.
Volume 8 (2015), Issue 4, pp. 191-204.