Volume 9,2016

Issue 2 [14 articles]

Hakhoumian A.A., Zakaryan T.V. and Sivolenko E.R. Pedestrian Caused Doppler Signal Detection by Bispectrum Processing in Ku-Band Coherent CW Radar.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 110-116.

Gyurjinyan A. Conversion Coefficients Measurements for 195Au.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 117-119.

Buniatyan V.V., Melikyan G.S., Hovsepyan R.K. and Papoyan A.V. I-V Characteristics of Pt-Ba0.25Sr0.75 TiO3-Pt Thin Films with Oxygen Vacancies.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 120-129.

Wang Y.L., Albokhary G.I., Ding X.C., Chu L.Z., Deng Z.C., Liang W.H. and Fu G.S. Evolution of the Collision Rate in the Process of Propagation of Laser-Generated Plume into an Inert Gas.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 130-137.

Buniatyan V.V., Tsakanov V.M., Martirosyan N.W., Melikyan G.S. and Dashtoyan H.R.Dielectric Characteristics of Pt/BaxSr1-xTiO3/Pt Thin Film Structure under the Electron Beam Irradiation.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 138-146.

Editorial, Board International Workshop on Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation Influence on Structure and Biophysical Properties of Living Cells (Tsaghkadzor, Armenia, September 25-27, 2015).
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, p. 147.

Babajanyan A., Friedman B. and Lee K. Nondestructive Label-Free Mapping of DNA Bioassay Using a Near-Field Scanning Microwave Microscope.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 148-153.

Malakyan M., Bajinyan S., Yeghiazaryan D., Abrahamyan L. and Minasyan H. Response of Erythrocyte Membranes to Total Body Exposure by 1800 MHz Frequency Microwave Radiation.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 154-158.

Catte A. and Oganesyan V.S. Application of Molecular Modelling and EPR Spectroscopy to Lipid Membranes – a Combined Approach.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 159-166.

Babayan Yu.S., Kalantaryan V.P., Hakobyan S.H. and Ghazaryan R.S. Interaction of Netropsin with Double-Stranded Nucleic Acids Irradiated with Nonionizing Athermal Millimeter Electromagnetic Waves.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 167-172.

Karapetyan A.T., Babayan Yu.S., Torosyan M.A. and Shahinyan M.A. Thermostability of the Mitoxantrone - DNA Complexes Irradiated by Non-Thermal Millimeter Electromagnetic Waves.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 173-177.

Danagulyan A.S. and Hovhannisyan G.H. Some Medical Radionuclides Production by C18/18 Cyclotron.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 178-182.

Lalayan A.A. Second Harmonic Diagnostics for Real-Time Monitoring of Biological Macromolecules Structural Changes.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 183-187.

Shahkhatuni A.G. and Shahkhatuni A.A. Biological Membrane Mimetics to Study Radiation Induced Damages by NMR Spectroscopy: Application to Study Erythrocyte Membranes.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 188-191.