Volume 9,2016

Issue 4 [8 articles]

Julfayan H. G. Investigation of the Detection of Infrared Laser Radiation in Monocrystalline Yttrium Iron Garnet.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 4, pp. 260-263

Khalid D., Majeed H. O. and Munro H. Partial fulfillment of DiVincenzo criteria using manipulation of Rb atomic beam.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 4, pp. 264-274

Trouni K.G., Mirzoyan V.Gh., Ghannad Dezfouli Mehdi and Grigoryan P.A. Dynamic Diffraction of X-ray in Quartz Single Crystal with Fan-Shaped Deformation.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 4, pp. 275-278

Hovsepyan G. H. Photon Blockade via Frequency Chirped Excitations.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 4, pp. 279-282

Zakaryan H. Adsorption of the H and H2O on SnO2 Surfaces in an O2 Environment: Density Functional Theory Study.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 4, pp. 283-293

Sargsyan K.A. Resistive Magnetohydrodynamic Model for Harmonic Expansion of Cylindrical Plasma.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 4, pp. 294-308

Alwan Tariq, Ziadan Kareema, Kadhum Kadhum and Abbas Muna Nanofibers Polyaniline Heterojunction Solar Cell.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 4, pp. 309-314

Avagyan R., Avetisyan R., Ivanyan V. and Kerobyan I. Calculations of Neutron Yield and Gamma Rays Intensity by GEANT4.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 4, pp. 315-323