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In the system of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia operates 31 academic library: Fundamental Scientific Library (FNB), the Republican Scientific medical library and 29 branch libraries of specialized research institutions of NAS of RA.
     During the reporting year the working conditions remained unfavourable for the libraries and the libraries were experiencing great difficulties in achieving their vital activity, especially in acquisition of relevant scientific literature. Unlike the branch libraries, working conditions of FSL during the year have been satisfactory, and this year we hade more opportunities to acquire the scientific literature, although not in the quantities that would meet the blow of time, and even Fundamental Scientific Library had not been able fully to subscribe to new scientific periodicals.
Conditions of the Book storage is not favorable for the preservation of literature, and we still do not have possibilities for their improvement. The works on restoration and treatment of rare books infected with fungi are coming to the end, and we can now state that more than 1190 pieces of rare and unique editions, which represent a national value, are saved.
    Most of the libraries of research institutions of Academy of Sciences are insufficiently equipped with means of modern electronic devices.
    Despite these difficulties, the result of the undertaken activities (mainly fruitful cooperation with foreign research organizations and foundations) the minimum acquisition of collections , bibliographic reference and information service of readers and transition to modern methods of service were ensured.
     The activities of the library in part of the introduction of modern information technologies  deserve particular attention. The works on inserting of bibliographic descriptions of books from the collections of FSL in the electronic catalogue ALEPH were going on in 2006. As a result, by the end of 2006, nearly 39,614 entries in electronic catalog were processed, 11.390 of which -new bibliographic records.
     Intensive services for electronic document delivery within the resources available to a consortium eLCA were organized. Approximately 1485 electronic scientific articles were issued according to the orders of scientists from various scientific organizations, through the German system SUBITO,.
As donation  FSL received 8782 copies / 5418 units of books, 2968 units of magazines, and 232 other materials/  from foreign scientific charities, different institutions and individuals /only the number of publications of personal library of academician G. Jhaukyan was 4384 copies, which was granted to FSL as a special collection/.
         From the Library of Natural Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with the direct assistance of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Moscow, FSL received a donated 1992 units of Russian academic journals /2004-2005 publications/.
        In 2006, all libraries of NAS obtained 24083 units, which were issued to 729574 readers.
        There are 4. 193. 555 copies in all collections of all academic libraries. During 2006,  19.304 units were acquired.
         FSL in its collections has 2.976,808 copies.In reporting year from all sources of  stocking FSL acquired 16,434 copies / incl. 7794 units of books and 8640 units of periodicals/.
       The international book-exchange  is the most constant source of acquisition of major foreign scientific literature.
         FSL carries book-exchange relations with 350 partners and in 2006 received 1872 units of literature / 293 units of books, 1509 units of scientific journals, 70 units of newspapers and other material/.
        To its foreign partners on the international book-exchange FSL has sent 1976 units of publications of the NAS / 1583 books, and 393 units of journals/. It should be noted that due to the fact that FSL is not provided some titles  of some journals of NAS, and some are not provided in enough quantity, FSL is losing many important foreign partners, and thus the number of received books is reduced.
         In 2006 the library has organized 101 exhibitions of new arrivals and thematic exhibitions, where 6088 titles were exhibited. From thematic exhibitions on significant dates, and actual problems of the science, most notable were: "Tserun Torgomyan-110", "H.S Tamrazyan -- 80 "," Komitas-perpetual stranger "," 70 years to FSL NAS Armenia "
"The Republic of Armenia-15," "Memory to Harutyun Mekeryan", "Computers", "Healing Plants" etc.
         In order to inform readers about new arrivals, FSL created electronic versions of "Foreign books and scientific works 2005-2006: information bulletin", " Cumulative Index of foreign magazines obtained by the Armenian libraries in 2005-2006". Biographical bibliography of the academician M.G Manvelyan was edited and prepared for publication.
     The works continued on developing the systematic and alphabetical directories of FSL, as well as editing and updating the general directories.
Activities were continued on strengthening and developing relations with branch libraries of NAS.