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Main goals of the Department

Acquisition of the library collections with Armenian, Russian and foreign scientific literature corresponding to the profiles of the Academy of Sciences by means of purchase, subscription, book-exchange, gifts and other sources.

The main sources of the acquisition are: compulsory copy of the printed material of RA, subscription of the periodicals, purchase of the books, book-exchange with the foreign partners, donations.

 The primary goals of the Department
  • Individual and total records of incoming and outgoing literature
  • Target book-exchange with foreign libraries, Universities and other organizations
  • Rearrangement of the library collections
  • Mailing of letters and packages
  • Subscribtion of the perioficals


The book-exchange activities

FSL  provides literature  to its 300 foreign partners from about 40 countries of the World.

Organization of the division of duplicate and exchange materials (DDEM)

Acquisition and preservation of the collection of  Academy of Sciences publications,and preservation of sacred collection of the Academy of Sciences. There are about 11000 units in ERF, mainly publications of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. The ERF is always completed with recently published literature.

Structure of the department 

  • Acquisition division  
  • Division of International book-exchange & duplicate and exchange materials