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Upon consideration by the Advisory Panel on Information and Communication Security, NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division, through 'Science for Peace and Security &Partnership Co-operation' programme has awarded Fundamental Scientific Library of NAS with a networking infrastructure grant 'Building Networked Content Creation Centre for Distance Learning Programmes' Mr. Alan Hopkinson from the Middlesex University (London) will act as a NATO country co-director, and Dr. Tigran Zargaryan (from Fundamental Scientific Library of NAS, Yerevan), will act as a country co-director from Armenia.
main objectives of the project are:
A. To obtain high speed photographing equipment which will allow to start massive digitising activities of locally accumulated scholarly content and educational resources.
B. To mount digital content on the ArmCluster nodes.
C. Were possible to copyright content under ‘Creative Commons’ licensing mechanism.
D. To make content available to students, academics, distance learners and researchers.
This project is logical continuation of the NATO Networking Infrastructure Grant PDD(CP)(EAP.NIG 983118) ‘Harmonization of the Academy of Sciences Network Infrastructure for Connecting to GÉANT’, awarded to FSL in 2007.