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  In order to do so, local telecommunication hardware and the fiber optic network will be upgraded and the 30 research libraries of the National Academy of Sciences will be modernized greatly with computers and other networking equipment. This measure intends to address the dramatic lack of computers in libraries in the country. By way of illustration, as of today, the library of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography is the only one out the 30 libraries to have but 1 Pentium computer. In addition, the grant will include training courses for librarians and other user groups on accessing and benefit from eIFL and other resources. The expected results of the project are to improve the telecommunications infrastructure in Armenia, revitalize and modernize the library network in the member institutions of the Academy of Sciences, get in line with European library management standards, and be able to access to world digital resources, services and scientific information. In parallel, the participating libraries will get involved in the digitization activities that the Fundamental Scientific Library is conducting currently.
The project is jointly coordinated by Alan Hopkinson, of Middlesex University, from the side of NATO partner country and Tigran Zargaryan from the Armenian side.