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General collection

The growing collection of more than 3 million books, periodicals, manuscripts, theses, conference proceedings on life and technical sciences and humanities has a multicultural emphasis, dating from XIX century to current publications.

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Collection of rare books

The collection of rare books is worthy of particular attention. It consists of  publications in Armenian, Slavonic and European languages of 16-18 centuries.There are 438 copies (215 titles) in the collection of Armenian rare books. 
The oldest publication of the collection of rare books is "Pestis Descri Ptio Quomodo Ipsa" which is published in 1598.

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Collection of maps consists of 159 copies. The 8 maps of special collection after Zatik Khanzadian are of great interest, which represent Western Armenia and Asia Minor of XIX century.

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Special collections

Agulian Aram, Alpoyajian Artak, Altunian Asatur-Aram, Avdalbegian  Tadevos, Edgarian Hovik , Gharibian Ararat, Gulbenkian Galoust , Hambartsumian Hamazasp, Hovhannisian Ashot, Jahukian Gevorg , Khanzadian Zatik, Kusikian Karapet & Hovsep, Levonian Garegin, Lipin Lev, Lisitsian Stepan & Srbuhi, Merdinian Karapet, Nalbandian Luiza , Nalbandian Vache, Pambookian Hakob , Poghossian Grigor, Postanjian Petros, Sargsian Suren, Takhtajian Armen , Terzian Manouk, Yeritsian Artem, Zekian Levon, Zhamkochian Beniamin    

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