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                  Activities of the libraries of the National Academy of Sciences in 2013
        Within the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia 30 academic libraries are functioning: Fundamental Scientific Library (FSL), and 29 branch libraries of the specialized research institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.
        There are 3,031997 volumes in the collections of FSL. During the reporting year from different acquisition sources FSL has acquired 5221 items (including 2160 volumes of books and 2572 issues of periodicals and 489 items of other type).
        In 2013 in all libraries of NAS 25560 patrons were served, whom 771260 units of books, magazines and other materials were borrowed. In the collections of all academic libraries exist 4,296,834 items. During the reporting year 15169 items were acquired.
        FSL is involved in the book-exchange programs with 347 partners (libraries, museums, publishing houses, scientific organizations and universities) from different  countries and has acquired 2280 items (294 volumes of books, 1986 of scientific journals).    FSL has sent to its partners 1205 items (119  volumes of books and 1086 journals) published by the NAS.
        Beginning from 2009 FSL on a regular basis is receiving 142 titles of scientific journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences which are accessible in the reading hall #3. During the reported year 1115 issues are already received.
    FSL has organized 44 exhibitions of new arrivals and 3 thematic exhibitions in 2013, where 3609 items were exhibited. The most notable thematic exhibitions on significant dates and actual problems of the science were the following: "Eghiazarov I.V.", "National Academy of Sciences of Armenia  - 70", “Symposium of the NAS”.
     FSL is cooperating with the Universities and other organizations providing them special literature. Thus FSL provided 60 copies of special literature to the Pedagogical Institute of Vanadzor.  FSL also assisted to some schools of Artsakh region providing with 100 copies of literature.
           In order to provide more effective services FSL has subscribed to a number of valuable e-resources. The library patrons can have full access to these subscriptions from the reading halls.
               The library continues to increase the amount of bibliographic records in the electronic catalogue. During the reporting year 25,167 new records of books, periodicals and other materials were added, 4598 of which were new arrivals. Now 470,683 titles are inserted in the catalog of bibliographic records of FSL.  
Extensive works has been carried out on creation of the portal “ARMENIACA”. Digitization and mounting on the site of the library of the Armenian rare books (1512-1800), Early Armenian books (1801-1850), Armenian books (1851-1920), scientific journals of the NAS of Armenia (from the first years of publication up to now) on the basis of open access are carried out.
Nowadays the transition from paper to electronic format is a prospective direction for the library. Thus during the reporting year the activities were completed on digitizing, making bibliographical descriptions and putting on the Web page of the library of scientific journals(18 titles, 2389 issues, 34443 articles, 248792 pages).
Providing dissemination of electronic materials on Armenian Studies and creation of their multilingual content FSL has digitalized 13 titles of serial publications published by academic research institutions such as Institutes of History, Oriental Studies, Archaeology and Ethnography, Language, Literature of the National Academy of Sciences.
The works on editing and placing on our website of the digitized books (1801-1920) 807 titles,267458 pages are in process. It should be noted that these works are progressing more quickly and efficiently, as our Library and The National Library of Armenia perform the above tasks together.
In the reporting year the "Armenian periodicals" database was created. The "Armenian periodicals" catalog includes journals and newspapers published from 1794 until the present day written in Armenian and in foreign languages. 390 titles of newspapers and 199 magazine titles are entered in this database.
These works will be continued during the coming years too.
The library continued its cooperation with editorial boards of the magazines "Armenian Journal of Mathematics" and "Armenian Journal of Physics " supporting with the mounting the articles of the journal to the Web.
 The activities were continued on maintaining of the databases “Biographical bibliographies of the academicians of the NAS RA"(7 biographical bibliographies are added) and "The press about the Science". In the section of " Biographical Bibliographies of the Academicians of NAS " a new folder "Foreign members of the NAS of RA" is created (9 biographical bibliographies).
To the 70th Anniversary of the established of the National Academy of Sciences the "Academy 70" database was created, in works of formation of which National Library of Armenia actively participated, in the collections of which 181 documents relating to the history of the Academy were found.
 All these databases are available from the FSL website.
In 2013 FSL's Digital Library had more than 120,000 visitors.
The computer network of FSL has expanded. The library is equipped with a powerful computer network that ensures protection of archived materials and provides them online.
FSL, as a methodical center, supports the libraries of the academician institutions, in working in terms of modernization. As a result 15 libraries of the academician institutions are actively involved in the works of shaping of the Union electronic catalog and have entered 6439 titles during the reported year. The efficiency of protection of the service station and software environment of the Institutions’ Union electronic catalog is performed by the staff of the FSL.
         Meetings, seminars and discussions on modern trends in the library work with the directors, researchers and librarians of the Research Institutes of National Academy of Sciences were periodically organized. The courses for librarians of the Research Institutions of National Academy of Sciences were organized in order to implement the automation of library processes in the libraries of these institutions.