Regulations & Polices
Eligible Borrowers Requirements

With borrower card

The staff of the Academy of Sciences  research institutions Passport, 2 photos (3x4cm)
The staff of non-academic institutions Recommendation letter from the head  of the institution,
Passport, 2 photos (3x4cm)

In the reading halls

Students, postgraduates out of NAS Passport,  student card,  2 photos (3x4cm), registration card
Persons reached the age of 16 ID card, 2 photos (3x4cm)
Lending & Circulation Department
Borrower Card

The right to use literature by borrower card (at home) has the entire staff of all institutions of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia, as well as scientists from non-academic institutions, with the rank of professor, or a PhD.
Under the borrower card books and magazines are issued by readers for a period of up to one month. The term of use can be extended in case of absence of requirements for the publication by other readers.
Encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books, rare, valuable and illustrated publications, albums, author’s abstracts, foreign periodical publications, newspapers, and the books  marked “only in the reading room” are not issued home.

Under the borrower card the following readers can take out

Patrons categories

Lending time

Number of books
The  staff of the Academy of Sciences One month up to  5 books

Terms of Use 

In case of change of address, place of employment or phone number, as well as in the case of loss of readership ticket the reader must immediately inform the department of library services(lending & circulation department). 

 In case of literature delay over the specified term the reader service is terminated up to return(replacement) of the debt. In spite of that he may also temporarily (up to 1 year) lose the right to use the library.

 Readers are required to undergo re-registration within the deadline prescribed by the Administration of the library. At the same time, all the literature drawn from the library, should be returned or presented for inspection.

 In case of lost or damage of any publication the reader must return the library the same publication. In the impossibility of this (according to decision of the special commission of FSL), the reader must provide equivalent replacement, or pay for the publication at market prices.

Responsibilities of the Borrower
  • not to give the reader’s card to another person;
  • not to make notes in the margins of the books and magazines, tagging underscores, bending pages, tear sheets, etc.;
  • take out literature from the reading rooms without permission ;
  • use your own books in the reading rooms without permission;
  • put briefcases, handbags, parcels etc. on the tables in the reading rooms;
  • talk loudly and use  cell phones in the reading rooms and the room of circulation; 
  • smoking in the building of the library
  •  In case of  violence of these rules, the reader will be forbidden  from the use of the services of the library.
Reading Halls

All library patrons and outside visitors are served in the reading rooms, where they  have free access to all reference materials.
The collections of reference materials are mainly stored with reference literature / encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks and inquiry literature/.
The literature, which is not found in the reference materials can be ordered from the book depository. 

Interlibrary Loan

Titles absent in the collections of the other libraries in Yerevan, can be ordered from collections of FSL through INTERLIBRARY LOAN. Orders are arranged by the librarian of the certain organization.