Volume 14,2021

Issue 3 [6 articles]

Harutyunyan, V. V.; Badalyan, A. O. Optical Properties and Radiation Stability of Magnesium Silicate.
Volume 14 (2021), Issue 3, pp. 132-137.

Hovhannisyan, B. A. Study of Brain Radio Signals Using Bispectral Analysis.
Volume 14 (2021), Issue 3, pp. 138-141.

Harutyunyan, V. V.; Aleksanyan, E. M.; Arzumanyan, V. V.; Badsakyan, A. O. Radiation-Induced Phenomena in Wide-Gap Laser Materials Used in High-Radiation Areas.
Volume 14 (2021), Issue 3, pp. 142-147.

Aroutiounian, V. M. Information about Artificially Intelligent Nanoarray for Detection of Various Diseases in Nanomedicine.
Volume 14 (2021), Issue 3, pp. 148-150.

Gambaryan, M. K. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Design for Application in Cyber Security.
Volume 14 (2021), Issue 3, pp. 151-153.

Sargsyan, H. P. Conditions for Consistency of Equations of Nonlinear Diffusion in Complex Systems with Thermodynamic Constraints.
Volume 14 (2021), Issue 3, pp. 154-164.