Volume 10, Issue 3 (2017)

[7 articles]

Grigoryan, A. Kh. Casimir-Polder potential for parallel metallic plates in background of a conical defect.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 81-91

Poghosyan, H. Super stable cycles and magnetization plateau for spin-1 Ising model on diamond-like decorated Bethe lattice.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 92-98

Vardanyan, A. O., Melikyan, S. R., Movsesyan, K. A., Oganesyan, D. L. Chakhoyan, E. V. Laser Profilometer with Micron Spatial Resolution.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 99-103

Muradyan, T. R. Diffraction of Modulated X-Ray Beams from Quartz Crystal at the Presence of Temperature Gradient.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 104-107

Toneyan, H. Experimental Techniques of Spectral Compression of Femtosecond Radiation.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 108-111

Saharyan, N. A. Casimir densities outside a constant curvature spherical bubble.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 112-121

Aroutiounian, V. M., Arakelyan, V. M., Aleksanyan, M. S., Sayunts, A. G., Shahnazaryan, G. E., Vrnata M., Fitl P., Viček J., Gharajyan, K. S., Kasparyan, H. S. Sensor for Detection of Chemical Agents Made of Co-Doped SnO2.
Volume 10 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 122-127