Volume 11, Issue 3 (2018)

[9 articles]

Sahakyan, V. V., Sargsyan, A. A., Zanyan, G., Vardanyan, T. S., Grigoryan, B. A., Tsakanov, V. M. Middle Infrared and THz Sources at AREAL.
Volume 11 (2018), Issue 3, pp. 111-116

Alexanian, M. Infinitely long-range nonlocal potentials and the Bose-Einstein supersolid phase.
Volume 11 (2018), Issue 3, pp. 117-124

Gevorgyan, K. L., Gevorgyan, L. A. Generation of Optical Radiation in Nanotube Undulators.
Volume 11 (2018), Issue 3, pp. 125-129

Gevorgyan, K. L., Gevorgyan L. A. THz Partially Coherent Undulator Radiation from the Truncated Electron Bunch.
Volume 11 (2018), Issue 3, pp. 130-134

Demirtshyan, S. M., Minasyan, R. S. Features of The Distribution of Electric Fields of Multipoint Grounding and Their Application in Hydrogeology.
Volume 11 (2018), Issue 3, pp. 135-140

Vardanyan, J., Aghajanyan, H., Nersisyan, M. Receivers of VUV and UV Radiation.
Volume 11 (2018), Issue 3, pp. 141-144

Simonyan, D. H. Vacuum fluctuations for a charged scalar field in the Sitter spacetime with compact dimensions.
Volume 11 (2018), Issue 3, pp. 145-152

Shahkhatuni, G. H., Aroutiounian, V. M., Arakelyan, V. M., Aleksanyan, M. S., Shahnazaryan, G. E. Conductometric sensor for hydrogen peroxide vapors detection.
Volume 11 (2018), Issue 3, pp. 153-159

Kirakosyan, V., Aroutiounian, V. M. Flexible Gas Detector.
Volume 11 (2018), Issue 3, pp. 160-165