Volume 13, Issue 1 (2020)

[4 articles]

Mkrtchyan, A. H., Aramyan, A. R., Aramyan, R. A., Hovhannesyan, G. B., Harutyunyan, G. A., Petrosyan, S. M. Experimental Study of the Effect of Sound Waves on the Radial Uniformity of the Positive Column.
Volume 13 (2020), Issue 1, pp. 1-6

Sargsyan, H. P. Using the Deductive - Inductive Method to Analyze Diffusion Mechanisms in Complex Systems.
Volume 13 (2020), Issue 1, pp. 7-19

Sargsyan, M. L., Hakobyan, M. R., Hakobyan, R. S. Multilayer Anisotropic Thin Film with a Twist.
Volume 13 (2020), Issue 1, pp. 20-30

Alexanian, M. Mean Number and Number Variance of Squeezed Coherent Photons In a Thermal State of Photons.
Volume 13 (2020), Issue 1, pp. 31-37