Volume 9, Issue 2 (2016)

[14 articles]

Hakhoumian, A. A., Zakaryan T. V., Sivolenko, E. R. Pedestrian Caused Doppler Signal Detection by Bispectrum Processing in Ku-Band Coherent CW Radar.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 110-116

Gyurjinyan, A. Conversion Coefficients Measurements for 195Au.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 117-119

Buniatyan, V. V., Melikyan, G. S., Hovsepyan, R. K., Papoyan, A. V. I-V Characteristics of Pt-Ba0.25Sr0.75 TiO3-Pt Thin Films with Oxygen Vacancies.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 120-129

Wang Y. L., Albokhary G. I., Ding X. C., Chu L. Z., Deng Z. C., Liang W. H., Fu G. S. Evolution of the Collision Rate in the Process of Propagation of Laser-Generated Plume into an Inert Gas.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 130-137

Buniatyan, V. V., Tsakanov, V. M., Martirosyan, N. W., Melikyan, G. S., Dashtoyan, H. R. Dielectric Characteristics of Pt/BaxSr1-xTiO3/Pt Thin Film Structure under the Electron Beam Irradiation.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 138-146

International Workshop on Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation Influence on Structure and Biophysical Properties of Living Cells (Tsaghkadzor, Armenia, September 25-27, 2015).
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, p. 147

Babajanyan, A., Friedman, B., Lee K. Nondestructive Label-Free Mapping of DNA Bioassay Using a Near-Field Scanning Microwave Microscope.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 148-153

Malakyan, M., Bajinyan, S., Yeghiazaryan, D., Abrahamyan, L., Minasyan, H. Response of Erythrocyte Membranes to Total Body Exposure by 1800 MHz Frequency Microwave Radiation.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 154-158

Catte A., Oganesyan, V. S. Application of Molecular Modelling and EPR Spectroscopy to Lipid Membranes – a Combined Approach.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 159-166

Babayan, Yu. S., Kalantaryan, V. P., Hakobyan, S. H., Ghazaryan, R. S. Interaction of Netropsin with Double-Stranded Nucleic Acids Irradiated with Nonionizing Athermal Millimeter Electromagnetic Waves.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 167-172

Karapetyan, A. T., Babayan, Yu. S., Torosyan, M. A., Shahinyan, M. A. Thermostability of the Mitoxantrone - DNA Complexes Irradiated by Non-Thermal Millimeter Electromagnetic Waves.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 173-177

Danagulyan, A. S., Hovhannisyan, G. H. Some Medical Radionuclides Production by C18/18 Cyclotron.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 178-182

Lalayan, A. A. Second Harmonic Diagnostics for Real-Time Monitoring of Biological Macromolecules Structural Changes.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 183-187

Shahkhatuni, A. G., Shahkhatuni, A. A. Biological Membrane Mimetics to Study Radiation Induced Damages by NMR Spectroscopy: Application to Study Erythrocyte Membranes.
Volume 9 (2016), Issue 2, pp. 188-191