History of the Library 
  • The Library of the National Academy of Sciences was founded in 1935, under the auspices of Armenian branch of the then National Academy of the Soviet Union.
  • With the establishment of Armenian National Academy in 1943, the Library gained a status of a Main Library, an independent academic unit within the Academy system.
  • In 1944, the Presidium of Arm SSR Academy of Sciences appointed the first Board of the Library that included such prominent scientists as V. H. Hambartsumyan (President), K. N. Paffenholz, K. V. Trever, Kh. S. Sargsyan, A. G. Araratyan and R. K. Karakhan, as well as professional librarians E. I. Kochubina (the Librarian), A. S. Babayan, L. B. Melkumyan and V. N. Karmenyan.
  • On November 10, 1944, the Central Library was restructured into the Fundamental Library of the Academy of Sciences of the ArmSSR.
  • In 1944, the USSR Council of Ministers awarded the Library the status of a 2nd category national academic library.
  • In 1957, the Library became a 3rd category academic institution and named the Fundamental Scientific Library.
  • Until 1959, the Library was located at 15 Abovyan Street in Yerevan, in the building of the Presidium of the National Academy.
  • In 1959, the Library moved to a new building located at 24 Bagramyan Avenue in Yerevan.
  • The first private collection of the Library was established in 1965, with a donation by Prof. Hamazasp Hambardzumyan.
  • In January 1980 the Library moved to a new building located behind the National Academy, at 24/6 Bagramyan Avenue.
  • In 1986 the Library was awarded the rank of a 1st category academic repository.
  • In 1999, the Library started using IT tools.
  • In 2001, the Library became one of the founders of Armenian Library Consortium.
  • On September 12, 2002, the Library gained a formal status of a state non-commercial organization, the Fundamental Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia.

This wealth of knowledge is available to over 17 thousand regular visitors of the library through subscription and 5 specialized reading halls.  
The Library also provides methodological management and coordination of specialized libraries of research institutions of the National Academy, a system that presently includes thirty academic libraries with over 1.2 million publications and serves about 5 thousand readers.
Fundamental Scientific Library is paying special attention to have its collections complete with Armenian publications and  publications on Armenian studies. The library is one of the largest depositories of literature in Armenian, and keeps a lot of antique and rare Armenian books in its repositories. Among these there are numerous valuable publications of 16-18th centuries in Armenian, Russian and foreign languages. The library also maintains 27 special collections, which were created due to donations of honored scientists and art professionals: H. Hambartsumyan, A. Hovhannisyan, A. Takhtajyan, Hovsep and Karapet Kusikyans, Calouste Gulbenkian, A. Alboyajyan, B. Zhamgotchian, A. Gharibyan, K. Merdinian, P. Bostanjyan, H. Pambookian, H. Edgarian, M. Terzian, L. Nalbandian, L. Zekiyan and others. Here you can find numerous rare dictionaries, encyclopedias, rare books and Elsevier publications of antique world and medieval culture, literature and history. All these riches are being widely served approximately to 17 thousand readers by means of circulation and 5 specialized reading halls. To provide readers with information about newly received publications, the library periodically sends the lists of new arrivals to the all research institutions of NAS by e-mail.

he library performs extensive cooperation activity with the foreign libraries and institutions to create and maintain scientific and cultural relationships. In this area the library has profitable book-exchange relationship with 300 institutions, among those are libraries, museums, publishing houses, scientific institutions, etc. in 60 foreign countries. To mention only a few of our partner libraries: New York Public Library, Library of Congress, British Library, Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, greatest Russian libraries in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
The library maintains publishing activity in the field of current and thematic bibliographies and biographical bibliographic publications. It has already issued the bibliography of the publications of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia between 1936-1986. Personal bibliographies of Armenian scientists are published periodically devoted to famous scientists and contain information about their life, scientific activity and publications as well as references to the literature devoted to them. By the moment 61 such volumes were issued, devoted to the academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia: Victor Ambartsumyan, Hrachya Adjaryan, Hovsep Orbeli, Hagop Manandyan, Manuk Abeghyan, Grigor Ghapantsyan, Armenak Mnjoyan, Hovhannes Maghakyan, Sahak Karapetyan, Hrachya Buniatyan, Suren Yeremyan, Bardughimeos Fanarjyan, Abraham Alikhanov, Artem Alikhanyan, Stepan Lisitsyan, Aram Nalbandyan, Vache Nalbandyan, Levon Khachikyan and others.
The bibliographical publications and the biographical bibliographies of the Armenian famous scientists fully represent the scientific achievements in the country. Some of such thematic bibliographies, which are favored by the public and professionals are: “Bibliography of Armenian critical thought 1794-1920”, “Bibiliography on Studies of Armenian literature 1920-1975”, “Bibliography of Turkish books in Armenian letter 1727-1968”. “The Fauna of Armenia 1900-1980”, “The Flora, vegetation and vegetative raw 1900-1985”, “Environment protection and the use of natural resources in Armenia 1930-1984”, “Sphere of millimetric and submillimetric spectroscopy 1960-1985”, “Oligomers 1953-1980”.
The directors of the Fundamental Library of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia were: famous bibliographer Vache Karmenyan; specialist in literature Prof. Gourgen Hovnan; famous scientists-academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia: Ararat Gharibyan; Vache Nalbandyan, Anry Nersessian. Now, the director of the Fundamental Library is Tigran Zargaryan.
Current development of computer science and information technologies led to the creation of powerful media, to collect, distribute and govern the information contained in the library. Understanding the importance of these developments our library began to make first steps even in 1997 in the field of library automation and electronic document delivery. For this purpose our library is performing an ongoing process of building and enlarging its electronic catalog.